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Some of the stories to be interpreted in our proposed street façade called Commodities Street.

ediswan advert

Lighting up the World - The Lea Valley Electronic Secrets

Most people believe that Edison invented the light bulb, however, it was demonstrated some twenty years beforehand by Sir Joseph Swan, and then together with Edison they started the Ediswan Company in Ponders End. In 1904 the diode was invented at the company’s works by Ambrose Fleming. This invention has been described as the most important of all the Lea Valley industrial firsts. Belling, MK, and Thorn are some of the electronic companies that set up home in Enfield. They provided the world with all kinds of household electronic equipment. These stories will be interpreted in our proposed electrical shop front.

Toys and Sweets are us

Many toy and sweet companies also set up home in the Lea Valley, Matchbox, Britain’s, Brimtoys, Lines Bros, Trebor, Maynard’s, and Bonds being just a few of them. Today EFE are the only company that makes model toys in the region. These stories will be interpreted in the proposed toy and sweet shop front.
toy bus

London’s Fruit and Vegetable Supply

The Nursery industry grew out of the market gardening that supplied London via Covent Garden. The First World War gave birth to Tomato growing which dominated the Lea Valley until quite recently. Twenty miles of greenhouses once dominated the sky line of the valley. The valley in the 1930s was providing two thirds of Britain’s horticultural needs. These stories will be interpreted in the proposed Fruit and Vegetable shop front.

toy bus

Petrol and the Carburetor

Carless Capel & Leonard of Hackney invented the mixture and patented the name. The company is also credited with the invention of the carburetor. These stories will be interpreted in the proposed garage and work shop.

Furniture Makers of the Lea Valley

The valley also had many furniture makers, Austin, Wrightons, and Lebus being just a few. Over 1000 De Havilland Mosquito aircraft were built at the Wrightons Furniture factory in Walthamstow in WW2. These stories will be interpreted in the proposed furniture shop front.
austin suite

The London Co-operative Society

The company was started by the railway workers of Stratford Works. This story will be interpreted in the proposed Co-operative shop front.

London’s Burning

Stories of East London’s fire services / appliances will be interpreted in the proposed experience fire station.