A Working Replica of the Hancock Enterprise Steam Carriage Comes to East London for the First Time

B Type Bus Centenary Event 23rd May 2010
Replica of Enterprise
The Replica of the Enterprise

London's First Steam Buses

One of the earliest British engineers who had ideas of moving people en masse by road was Walter Hancock. Between 1824 and 1840, he constructed at his Stratford works in East London a number of steam road vehicles. In 1827 Hancock patented a steam boiler that would split rather than blow so that the passengers being carried on his steam vehicles would be able to travel in safety.

In 1829 he built a small bus called the Infant Car. This vehicle was made famous by its many revenue-earning journeys from London to Brighton, which was a British first. He also was the first British steam bus operator to charge a fare for his services, and power his carriages by chain drive. In 1840, due to a lack of financial support, Hancock turned his back on the bus business, and had a brief flirtation with the construction of a railway locomotive for the Eastern Counties Railway, which alas came to nothing.

A Celebration of the Walthamstow Built B Type and AEC Walthamstow
Type B Bus
© 2010

2010 will mark the centenary celebration of the B Type bus, Britain's first standardised bus built. The B Type bus was also known as Old Bill as many of them served on the front lines in France in WW1 as a troop carrier. Many did not return hence the saying:

Born in Walthamstow died in France.

The Walthamstow factory which these buses were built became the first home in 1912 of the builders of London's Buses, The Associated Equipment Company or AEC as it was also known. The last remnants of this famous Walthamstow factory will make way for a new development on the site next year ending the legacy of this famous Lea Valley Company.

Sunday 23rd May 2010 11.00 Till 4.00
Adm Charge £4.00 Cons £2.00 Children Free under 18 years of age

A Variety of AECs, B Type Bus Replica, Replica of Walter Hancock's Steam Bus, Displays, EFE models, Street Models, Stalls, Tours to the AEC Works Site.

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2009 AIA Dorothea National Award for Conservation

picture of trust members receiving award dorothea award logo The 2009 AIA Dorothea National Award for Conservation goes to the Pump House Steam & Transport Museum Trust.

The Prize was presented at the AIA Conference at Lincoln on Saturday by Prof Angus Buchanan AIA president to Mr Lindsay Collier MA Project Director and Founder of The Pump House Steam & Transport Museum, also in the picture are Geoffrey Wallis the Director of Dorothea Restorations the prize fund giver, and Dr Jim Lewis Lea Valley Historian.

Along the Tow Path Project

heritage trail
Pictured, from top:
The workers at the Hewlett & Brondeau factory
with an AVRO 504;
AEC lorry built at Walthamstow;
Hilda Hewlett Britain's first women aviator;
The Decapod Locomotive Built at Stratford;
Linking the Markfield Beam Engine Project Tottenham and the Pump House Walthamstow (Lea Valley Experience Project).

This is another vision from the Project Director of the Lea Valley Experience which is in its early stages of development. The Heritage Walk will connect six listed historic buildings. The walk will pass Spring Field Marina and the historic Copper Mill that might also become a heritage attraction in the future. The Copper Mill is also situated close to the historic AVRO site on Walthamstow Marshes. Each anchor attraction is also situated a bus ride away from other local museums, e.g. Bruce Castle, Vestry House and finally the William Morris Gallery, an exciting North London Heritage Trail.
When fully developed both the Markfield and the Lea Experience Project could also become part of the European Heritage Trail.

If you would like to contact us about this project, please call, Lindsay Collier on or email at .

The Lea Valley Festival AVRO 100

The Centenary Celebrations of Britain First all British aviation flight by Alliott Verdon Roe on Walthamstow Marshes in 1909.

Over two thousand people attended the festival on Walthamstow Marshes on the 13th July 2009 exactly 100 years to the day when this first historic fight was first made. A flying replica of the AVROPLANE that made the flight was on show on the day. The replica will also be going on show at various events in 2010 which will mark the hundredth anniversary of the AVRO Company. The plane will then go on display at the Lea Valley Experience in the near future when a gallery is constructed to house it along with other aviation exhibits.

eric verdon roe
Eric Verdon Roe in front of the Replica 1909 AVROPLANE