The Lea Valley Experience Project Starts to Take Shape

A Lasting Legacy for London And A Celebration of the Unique Industrial Heritage of the Lea Valley

 The start of 2007 saw a great leap forward for the trust towards the vision that  we had set out to achieve many years ago with the Pump House building finally being made watertight. The new grey slated roof and the maroon painted windows are now starting to bring the splendid 1885 Grade II listed building back to life after many years of neglect. Work on the restoration of the interior of the building and the two 1897 Grade II Listed Marshall C class steam engines is now being undertaken by our team of skilled volunteers. This work is expected to be completed early next year ready for our interpretive displays to be installed. A new entrance, exit, electrical services, boiler, and boiler house, which are also still required, will complete Stage One of the project.

We propose to have the Pump House, Stage One of the Lea Valley Experience, open to the Public in the Late Summer of 2008. Even with all this development work going on we are still managing to open the building and site at least once a month to the Public. A new monthly activity of Classic Car meets started in June.

To complement the above development work we propose to build a small platform alongside our historic tilt train buffet car. It is also proposed to open this unique facility in conjunction with the opening of the Pump House next year.

Stage Two of the project in late 2008 will see the development of the Interpretive Street Scene, a Training Workshop, and Education / Arts and Community Facilities. We propose to complete this element by the spring of 2009.

The icing on the cake will be the completion of Stage Three of the project, The Gallery in the Winter of 2009.

Some funding has already been secured for parts of the above. We are  currently now in consultation with many potential partners, sponsors and funders, however, any support that you can now give us, would be very much appreciated. 

Wa ltham Forest’s Jewel in the Crown is Now Taking Shape.

An extract from a letter sent to us by Dr Jim Lewis Lea Valley Historian and Author stated that:

It would be inconceivable that the Olympics Games can be held in the Lea Valley without Britain’s Greatest Industrial Story being showcased. The Lea Valley Experience Project has given us all a once in a lifetime opportunity to do that. This opportunity should be grasped with both hands and supported by all to show the world how the Innovation and Industrial Achievements that happened there changed the world as we know it today.

The 2009 Lea Valley Festival

Featuring the Centenary Celebration of Britain’s First All British Aviation Flight (AVRO)


 A Showcase Celebration of the Lea Valley’s Unique Industrial Past

To be Held on Walthamstow  and Leyton Marshes

 On the July 12th & 13TH 2009

A series of meetings have already been held with a number of stakeholders to establish a committee to deliver this event. The development of the event is being managed by Lindsay Collier the Project Director of the Lea Valley Experience. Current proposals are to stage a Two Day Celebration Festival which will be held on Walthamstow and Leyton Marshes. A public event will be staged on Sunday 12th July, and a Children’s day, and the main VIP Centenary Celebration on Monday 13th July.

It is proposed to display transport and artefacts made in the Lea Valley.

National and local museums will be invited to attend along with Art, Heritage, Societies, Groups, and Companies, etc. Two full size replica planes are being constructed for the event. One of the replica planes, the 1909 Tri-plane, is now being constructed in Manchester and will be the star attraction at the event. It will be on show at the Lea Valley Experience Museum at the end of 2009. 

On the Monday the13thJuly the replica1909 Tri-plane will taxi out from under the original railway arch where it was constructed in 1909, under its own power. Two new heritage plaques will also be unveiled etc. Plans for a celebration flypast are still being explored.

Along the Tow Path Project

Linking the Markfield Beam Engine Project Tottenham

And the Pump House Walthamstow

(Lea Valley Experience Project)

This is another vision from the Project Director of the Lea Valley Experience which is in its early stages of development. The Heritage Walk will connect six listed historic buildings. The walk will pass Spring Field Marina and the historic Copper Mill that might also become a heritage attraction in the future. The Copper Mill is also situated close to the historic AVRO site on Walthamstow Marshes. Each anchor attraction is also situated a bus ride away from other local museums, e.g. Bruce Castle, Vestry House and finally the William Morris Gallery, an exciting North London Heritage Trail. When fully developed both the Markfield and the Lea Experience Project could also become part of the European Heritage Trail.

If you would like to contact us about any of the above projects, please call, Lindsay Collier on or email me at.     

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