Ching Fliers

and Chingford Aerodrome

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The Famous Ching Fliers 1914 - 1918

This nickname was given to the pilots of the Royal Naval Air Service Station based at the Chingford aerodrome during WW1. A magazine named after them was produced at the station from October 1916 to February 1918 and had 24 issues during that period.

Chingford Aerodrome

During WW1 1000 pilots received their training at the aerodrome. In September 1918 the station operation number became No.138 Squadron. In 1919 the squadron was dispended but was reformed in 1941. The Aerodrome was closed in 1919 but was used many time by Sir Alan Cobham for his National Avaiation Day displays. His 1932 ended at Chingford. The local Guardian newspaper described the event as Sir Alan Cobham and his event at Chingford. Both Councilors and officers of the Chingford Urban District Council attended the event. In 1935 work on the William Girling Reservoir was started and the aerodrome was lost for ever.

This view shows Scout Sparrow No. 1536, one of the two Blackburn-built Aircraft, after delivery to the R.N.A.S. aerodrome at Chingford in 1915.





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